The Mother’s Garden Podcast

Where we stand - an account of Mediterranean farm life

Rewild yourself at Mother's Garden (9) - join us on the farm, in the mountains of Catalonia.

Rewild yourself Mother's Garden (8), a farm in Catalonia, a tree, our lives in all honesty. Walk with us.

REWILD YOURSELF AT MOTHER'S GARDEN (7) - tune in to the nature

Anniversary day of roses and books. Counting blessings.

Wild flowers and nightingales. A wild walk at Mother's Garden farm, before the storm. Join us.

Ballooning clover and birdsong. The story of the resurgent spring gifting 1000 litres of crystal water an hour, the blockage and the flood.

Here comes the storm to clean the air and let us see distance.
Oh, and don't miss the birdsong at the end, and tell us what you can hear......

Open the window and let the world in. The opening birdsong was recording from inside the farmhouse at 5am today. Books? Some suggestions... oh and frogs. Mustn't forget the frogs....
New to the podcast? Welcome.

April 3. Follow life on the mountain farm - knee deep in clover, listening to nature surge.

The wisdom of Ballard, night-watch, olive harvest, re-wilding and table. I live in hope. 

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