The Mother’s Garden Podcast

Where we stand - an account of Mediterranean farm life

One day at a time...

A 103-year-old heroine. The local wine fair and a last minute chance to taste it.

Swallow song, burnt feasts and exceptional friends.
Please share.

Planting olive trees. Remembering Mozambique. Birdsong....

Climb into the forest. Neolithic echoes. Stone tools. Shadows. The sense of another kingdom.

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Sleepless nights, the buzz of blossom, the miracle chorus.

Wondrous trees of life. Woodpeckers and protest songs. Loss and the ticking clock.

Mourning a great loss to satire, wild boar chaos and the dark arts of politics. Not a good day. Apologies in advance.

Head in the clouds, bewilderment in a darkening world, and the uplifting company of nature.

The song of the serin, trees that say welcome, and the worldly adventures of the peasant farmer for whom this was once home.

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